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About us: Helping you save for retirement

Whatever your saving plans are, the SA Metropolitan Fire Service Superannuation Scheme is designed to help you save towards your financial goals for retirement. Below are some of the main benefits of being a member of the Scheme.

Super benefits

The Scheme provides a benefit for you as a member:

  • When you retire or cease employment with your employer
  • In the event of your death
  • In the event of total and permanent disablement
  • In the event of total and temporary disablement (for Permanent employees only).

Tax concessions

The Government actively encourages Australians to save for their retirement, and one of the ways it does this is by granting tax concessions to money invested in superannuation funds such as the Scheme. To obtain the maximum taxation savings, we recommend you speak to a financial adviser. More information on taxation can be found in the Tax and super section of your Member Benefit Guide.

Insurance cover

You may be eligible for death and disablement insurance cover. For Permanent employees the cost of this cover is met by the Scheme's assets as part of your Scheme membership. For Retained Fire Fighters the cost is met by the Fire Service through the Scheme.

Temporary Total Disablement (TTD)

Before being entitled to receive a TTD benefit from the Scheme, you will need to be under age 60 and meet the insurer's definition of Temporary Total Disablement and eligibility requirements.

If you are eligible for this benefit the annual rate of the TTD benefit is generally 75% of your superannuation salary, subject to any limitations in the policy.

Investment choice for Accumulation Benefits

If you are a permanent employee, you are provided with benefits that are of a Defined Benefit nature. You also have the option of making additional contributions or rolling over benefits from other super funds that are allocated to your Accumulation Benefit in the Scheme.

If you are a Retained Fire Fighter or a Spouse member, all your benefits are Accumulation Benefits. You therefore have full access to investment choice for all of your benefits.

You have access to 7 investment options in the Scheme and you can move between options at any time. Please refer to the section titled Investment Choice for Accumulation Benefits in your Member Benefit Guide for more details.

Member services

The Scheme offers members a range of member services including:

  • Regular newsletters and updates to keep you informed
  • A telephone helpline service
  • Attendance at worksites to discuss your arrangements
  • A website that provides access to information at any time.

For any questions about your super, please Contact us.